Advice for Hosts


You don’t need any special skills, experience or talents to become a host on Citysurfing, but there are many things you can do to improve your chances of connecting with more guests and receiving high ratings. Here’s a list of 10 tips that will help you become an amazing local host.

1. Update your profile page: Citysurfing makes it easy for people with similar interests to connect and enjoy cities together. Before someone books you as a host, they will most likely view your profile page to learn more about who you are, your hobbies, and interests. When you take the time to create a very descriptive profile page, it will make it easier for people that share similar interests to connect with you. If you and your guests are a good fit, they will be more apt to have an amazing experience when you meetup in your city.

2. Make it easy for people to recognize you: There’s a saying: “A smile is the shortest distance between two people.” It’s important to understand that the photo you upload on your profile page will be the featured photo that users see when they search Citysurfing, whereas the photos you upload to your listing page will be your gallery photos. On your profile page, we recommend that you upload an image that makes it easy for people to recognize you. This photo should be a photo of only you; from the shoulders up; no sunglasses; no pets; and most importantly– smile! A photo with a genuine smile will attract more people to your host booking page.

3. Create an enticing booking page: After you’ve created an amazing profile page and added an amazing feature photo, you can create your host booking page. This is the place you’ll be able to share more details of what a guest can expect when they explore a city with you. Here you can add some additional photos that create a gallery to make it easy for people to recognize you. Then add a title/motto that is short, clever – above all memorable. Finally, take your time to create a description of the things you might do when people visit your city. Talk about those hidden gems you can show them that are a bit off the beaten path, or explain how you might save them money by showing them great places to shop while avoiding tourist traps. Make sure your description is written in such a way that it sets you apart from other hosts. It’s your time to shine!

4. Create listings in nearby cities: Perhaps you live in a city that is located in proximity of many other cities you're familiar with and you’d like to host visitors in multiple cities. From one Citysurfing account, you can create and manage a host booking page for every city you’d like to host in. Once you complete your profile page, simply click Become a Host button and create a new listing for each city you’d like to host in. You can manage all your listings by navigating to the My Listings tab on your dashboard.

5. Mark Citysurfing emails as – Important: When a potential guest sends you a booking request, Citysurfing will immediately send an email to the address you’ve listed on your account. It’s important that you receive the booking request and respond quickly. It’s extremely important that you review your email account and designate all messages from Citysurfing as “Important”.

6. Get to know your guest: To offer your guests a great experience, learn what they expect of you as early as possible and also explain what you offer them. One of the quickest ways to learn about a guest is to visit their profile page. Once you read their personal description and interests, you’ll be ready to start brainstorming about all the amazing things you can show them during their visit.

7. Create a game plan: On Citysurfing, you’re not offering pre-packaged itineraries and you do not need to memorize any scripts, but it’s a good idea to create a basic game plan before you meet. Make sure to discuss and offer some suggestions on what you might do with your guest in advance. Knowing the duration, routes, places to visit, timing and possible meeting points will save time and make things run more smoothly. Make sure you politely inform your guests of any expenses that are not included in your price, such as transportation, entrance fees or any third party services.

8. Communicate on Citysurfing: We strongly recommend communicating with your guest via Citysurfing to make sure there is a record of your interaction in case of any disputes that may arise. Contact your guests whenever you need to inform them about any changes to your plans.

9. Keep it classy: Relax! When meeting your guests, make sure you are rested, in a good mood and eager to start having fun on the meetup. Be diligent and don’t be late. If you happen to be behind schedule, please call your guest and let him or her know. Have your phone turned on and charged at all times on the day of your meetup.

10. Follow the Citysurfing Blog: Luke had Yoda. The Karate Kid had Mr. Miyagi. You get the picture. Mentors are vital to your success in anything. That’s why it’s important you follow the Citysurfing Blog – “Citysurfing Blog”. Here you will get weekly tips and suggestions on ways you can become a better host and receive more bookings.


Why Host? 


1. It’s fun and easy: When you hang out with people that visit your city, you’re not a tour guide; there’s no formal training; and there’s no need to memorize any boring scripts. You’re simply hanging out and having fun with like minded people you connect with on Citysurfing. Based on the shared mutual interests you have with your guests, you can offer your personal perspective on the best places to go and see — things you’ll both enjoy! Just be yourself and let your guests discover the city you love.

2. Work from any town, city, or village: Citysurfing wasn’t created to simply connect people that visit popular tourist destinations. It’s designed to connect people visiting any town, city, or village in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you live in village with a population of a few hundred people or a large city with millions of residents, there are always visitors that need your help learning the local history, important landmarks, things to do, and best places to shop, eat, and dine. In fact, there’s probably someone visiting your city right now that could use your local knowledge and expertise!

3. Make money: One of the main draws of becoming a local host is that it can be a great way to earn some extra money whilst meeting new people and doing the things you love to do. Whether you are already engaged in full-time employment, are looking for something to fill a few empty hours each week, or see hosting as something you’d enjoy doing full-time, there is vast potential for money making as a local host. On Citysurfing, you determine how much you want to make and can set your hourly rate accordingly. For every hour you’re out exploring and having fun, you’ll be earning.

4. Work anytime you want: Unlike with most jobs, hosting is extremely flexible and really works around you and your availability. You are completely in control of how little or often you work, although many hosts find that they build up such a good rapport with their guests and actually want to work more and more hours.

5. Meet people like you: Citysurfing was created to encourage people with similar interests to connect. When you create your personal profile and host page, you will be encouraged to share things about your life, hobbies, and interests. This will make it easy for people that share similar interests to find and connect with you. When this occurs, not only will you be able to connect with like-minded people, but you will build deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people you hang out with.