How it Works 

1. Register - It's free!

2. Click the “Create Listing” Button

3. Add Your Listing - It's free!

4. Receive a booking request from a customer. (Bookings are not automatic.)

5. From your inbox - Create and send a unique offer to each customer. 

6. For accepted offers, provide the services agreed to. 

*Watch the Citysurfing explainer video on the Registration Page. 

How to be Successful 

You don’t need any special skills, experience or talents to become a local host on Citysurfing, but there are many things you can do to improve your chances of connecting with more guests and receiving high ratings. Here’s a list of 10 tips that will help you become an amazing local host: 

1. Create an enticing booking page: After you’ve created an amazing profile page and added an amazing feature photo, you can create your host booking page. This is the place you’ll be able to share more details of what a guest can expect when they explore a city with you. Here you can add some additional photos that create a gallery to make it easy for people to recognize you. Then add a title/motto that is short, clever – above all memorable. Finally, take your time to create a description of the things you might do when people visit your city. Talk about those hidden gems you can show them that are a bit off the beaten path, or explain how you might save them money by showing them great places to shop while avoiding tourist traps. Make sure your description is written in such a way that it sets you apart from other hosts. It’s your time to shine!

2. Make it easy for people to recognize you: There’s a saying: “A smile is the shortest distance between two people.” It’s important to understand that the photo you upload on your profile page will be the featured photo that users see when they search Citysurfing, whereas the photos you upload to your listing page will be your gallery photos. On your profile page, we recommend that you upload an image that makes it easy for people to recognize you. This photo should be a photo of only you; from the shoulders up; no sunglasses; no pets; and most importantly– smile! A photo with a genuine smile will attract more people to your host booking page.

3. Boost Your Listing: Yes. It’s completely free to list your services on Citysurfing, but we do offer options for you to boost your listing and receive more traffic and bookings. You can boost your listing anytime, by visiting the My Listings Tab and then clicking the boost option.  

4. Share Your Listing on Social Media:  Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000 followers, it's a great idea to let them know about your new services and encourage them to make bookings. 

5. Mark Citysurfing emails as – Important: When a potential guest sends you a booking request, Citysurfing will immediately send an email to the address you’ve listed on your account. It’s important that you receive the booking request and respond quickly. It’s extremely important that you review your email account and designate all messages from Citysurfing as “Important”.

6. Get to know your guest: To offer your guests a great experience, learn what they expect of you as early as possible and also explain what you offer them. One of the quickest ways to learn about a guest is to visit their profile page. Once you read their personal description and interests, you’ll be ready to start brainstorming about all the amazing things you can show them during their visit.

7. Create a game plan: On Citysurfing, you’re not offering pre-packaged itineraries and you do not need to memorize any scripts, but it’s a good idea to create a basic game plan before you meet. Make sure to discuss and offer some suggestions on what you might do with your guest in advance. Knowing the duration, routes, places to visit, timing and possible meeting points will save time and make things run more smoothly. Make sure you politely inform your guests of any expenses that are not included in your price, such as transportation, entrance fees or any third party services.

8. Communicate on Citysurfing: We strongly recommend communicating with your guest via Citysurfing to make sure there is a record of your interaction in case of any disputes that may arise. Contact your guests whenever you need to inform them about any changes to your plans.

9. Keep it classy: Relax! When meeting your guests, make sure you are rested, in a good mood and eager to start having fun on the meetup. Be diligent and don’t be late. If you happen to be behind schedule, please call your guest and let him or her know. Have your phone turned on and charged at all times on the day of your meetup.

10. Get Verified: A majority of travelers on Citysurfing prefer to meet with locals that have been verified. Having a verification badge affixed to your profile creates peace of mind letting potential clients know that you are who you say you are. Verified locals receive up to 10x more booking requests. Click the My Verifications tab to get verified.