About Us 

Visiting a new place for the first time for business, pleasure or relocation can often be very stressful, especially if you don't have any local friends or family. You may feel anxiety over a new job, an unfamiliar city, new people, and a new culture. Change requires adjustment, and it's important to meet people that can help make your experience more comfortable. 

That’s how Citysurfing can help. We offer the perfect win-win solution between the travelers and people relocating to a new city with the locals that live there. 

Visitors get a chance to meet locals who can show them around, offer relocation assistance, and unique services to make their experience more enjoyable. In return,  locals enjoy an opportunity to earn extra money in their free time, by sharing their knowledge of the city they call home.

There are a variety of different services locals provide and their listings are separated into the following unique categories: 

City Pals are locals that simply hang out and have fun sharing their cities with people they connect with on Citysurfing.com. They offer practical advice or share their personal experiences about ‘best bars and restaurants’, ‘non-touristy spots’, ‘shopping areas’ etc.  Connecting with locals that share your interests can be a perfect segue into discovering more about a place while doing the things you love. It's also a great way to make new friends everywhere you go. 

City Tours are offered by local tour guides. While City Pals hang out and have fun with visitors via unscripted meetups, Tour Guides accompany visitors and groups to tourist attractions and give them information and insights that help them make the most of the experience.  Tours offered by local tour guides are great to experience because their commentary will often help bring life to the places you visit and give guests something to remember/pass on to their friends for years to come. 

City Specialists offer specialized relocation services such as photography, videography, and translation assistance. They can also help you find a good neighborhood to live in or navigate the often confusing process of setting up a new bank, internet, or utilities account. Hiring the services of a specialist are great because they can help you circumvent the red tape and unnecessary steps that you might encounter while doing important tasks. 

City Taskers are the locals you can connect with to help lend a hand with the things you need during your move. They can help you with everything from home repairs, unpacking, minor repairs, shopping, and errands. Booking a tasker on Citysurfing is a great way to connect with locals — all while getting help with the often difficult tasks that come with relocating.

City Drivers are locals who offer pickup, drop-off, and drive-around services for anyone wishing to visit or explore a new city. Unlike the services provided by on-demand APPs like Uber or Lyft, the locals offering services on Citysurfing can be vetted, and then pre-booked days and weeks in advance of your trip. City Drivers are locals that know the ins and outs of their city and they’re ready to make your trip special and memorable.

City Lessons are organized by locals to help visitors learn something new. There's undeniably immense pleasure in kicking back on an exotic beach or hiding away at a cozy mountain lodge, but travel can also be a fantastic opportunity to learn new things. On Citysurfing you can meet locals that offer a variety of lessons such as language, music, crafts, and cooking lessons. 

City Activities are activities that visitors can join with locals that share similar interests. If you have a particular hobby that you enjoy, you can connect with like-minded local activity partners that will invite you to join the same activities locally. You can join local activity partners for hiking, biking, tennis, golf, basketball, dancing—you name it! It makes it much easier to become comfortable with a new city and make new friends with like-minded people. 

What makes Citysurfing Unique?

As an APP, Citysurfing is unique in that we do not offer on-demand booking. Instead we give each guest the opportunity to carefully vet the locals they choose to meet from the comfort of their own home, before ever stepping foot on a plane. 

Before making a booking, travelers will first meet locals online to discuss their plans. The owner of each listing on Citysurfing will customize a unique offer based on the travelers needs. Once the service provider and traveler reach an agreement, the service provider will send a custom offer that allows the traveler to finalize their booking. 

From the world’s most popular destinations like Rome, Paris and New York to less-visited cities such as Fargo and Boise, Citysurfing is just the ticket you need to go “off the beaten path”, without the stress or anxiety that comes along with having to figure out how to do it on your own.