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Naples, FL, USA
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For the last 25 years I have supported my clients in naturally healing their digestive, immune, hormonal and weight loss issues, as well as joint pain and chronic inflammation, through a unique combination of science-based education, practical skills, support and accountability. I specializes in offering highly Custom Cooking Classes and Personalized Nutritional Counseling Programs, designed with and for my clients, that help them make a sustainable change to a healthier lifestyle! You can learn more at
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Are you looking to shed those last stubborn 10 pounds, reduce joint pain, increase energy or learn new delicious ways to stay healthy? Regardless of your health issues or your goals, I can help you take the next step on your wellness journey without counting calories, carbs or portions. Learn how fresh organic juices, live ferments, superfood chocolates and gluten-free baked goods can improve your body and soul - for good!

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$95.00 Per Hour
Grateful for her support and wisdom! by Jessica

After experimenting with various diets, Medea showed me a healthier approach to eating. Rather than obsessing over portion sizes, I now prioritize nutritious, natural foods. I relish delicious meals made from whole ingredients, and I've even picked up some simple and tasty recipes along the way. Learning to recognize when I'm satisfied has freed me from feelings of guilt around eating. Plus, I've discovered enjoyable ways to stay active, no longer feeling obligated to hit the gym. Thanks to Medea's guidance, I shed 25 pounds and have maintained my weight loss for over three years. Grateful for her support and wisdom!

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