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I'm Stephanie, proudly representing the heart of New York City. My deep love for this vibrant town is matched only by my passion for soaking up the city's high-vibe energy. How do I do it? By hitting up the most amazing vegetarian and vegan eateries, and grooving to the beat at some seriously awesome music venues. Living life to the fullest? You bet!
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Now, brace yourself for a whirlwind adventure – I'm your guide to the absolute best when it comes to healthy dining in NYC, complete with top-notch vegetarian and vegan options. We'll savor delectable dishes that'll make your taste buds dance with delight. And the music? Oh, get ready to have your world rocked! Together, we'll dive into the heartbeat of the city's live music scene, embracing the rich melodies and rhythms that have graced historical venues for generations. The energy of the music will lift your spirits and leave you with unforgettable memories. But wait, there's more! We're going beyond the obvious – I'll take you deep into the city's soul, where authentic underground parties are waiting to be discovered. You'll experience the raw, unfiltered essence of NYC's nightlife, dancing like nobody's watching. And let's not forget our history lesson – we'll venture to iconic landmarks, delving into their stories and soaking up the history that has shaped this incredible city. It's a journey that'll enrich your understanding and appreciation of NYC's past. Last but definitely not least, I've got your entertainment sorted! Whether it's the glitz and glamour of Broadway or the hidden gems of off-Broadway, I'll make sure you catch some of the most unforgettable shows that the city has to offer. So, if you're ready for an experience that's off-the-charts awesome, let's dive into the heart of NYC together. We'll embrace the flavors, the beats, the history, and the magic that make this city truly one of a kind.

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$55.00 Per Hour
Pure Magic by Matt

Stephanie gave us an unforgettable NYC adventure! From savoring delicious healthy food to diving into the live music scene and discovering underground parties, it was a whirlwind of fun. Stephanie's entertainment tips were spot-on. This journey was pure magic, off-the-charts awesome!

Stephanie was an... by Kate

Stephanie was an amazing guide and a great story teller! We drove to some beautiful corners of New York City, she shared lots of info about the places we were driving through and he even helped me take some amazing photos. Thank you Stephanie, I truly enjoyed this experience and hope to see you the next time I’ll be in town :-)

We started off... by Barbie

We started off a little late but she was happy to add time on for us. Nothing was a problem for her. We had a list of things we wanted to do and discussed them at the outset and decided which ones we had time for and prioritized them. Overall we had a great day packed everything in and food for thought for next visit!

It was a... by Jesse

It was a wonderful experience visiting NYC. Our host was terrific. Also the lunch was delicious. Thank you!!

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