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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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My name is Jenna. I am 25 years and to say that I have a serious zest for life is an understatement. While I adore my career and lifestyle as a personal development entrepreneur of sorts, I most definitely love my fun. I am a world traveller.

I love dancing, live music, and am always looking for the next hole in the wall or hidden gems of the city. I tend to eat copious amounts of food on a regular basis (big foodie). While i definitely love to indulge in fine cuisine from time to time, you can also get me a board with sub par cheese and meat on it with a side beer flight and I am a happy camper. I also absolutely love all things entertainment related from amusement parks, to live performances, or a even a good arcade/ games bar.

There is also another side of me that likes to just chill in nature to some soft tunes, a good book, and a pretty sunset. Also there is a lot more but I am deciding to finish this description and save some mystery.
My Offer

All the best under the radar famous food spots with incredible atmosphere. Access to endless options of cuisines. With both a traditional & western background I have an extremely well rounded experience of this city that taps into every type of personality, taste, and style. Food with views. Establishments that are known for their atmosphere, service and all around experience. An opportunity to choose exactly what you want, or allow me to guide you to the perfect food and drink joints.

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$32.00 Per Hour
Unforgettable by Melinda

Throughout our time in Vancouver, we followed Jenna's recommendations, and they truly elevated our experience. From breathtaking viewpoints to delicious culinary discoveries, Jenna's insights enriched our visit and provided us with memories that will last a lifetime. Jenna's passion and local expertise made our trip to Vancouver unforgettable.

Enriched our stay by Amy

Impressive! Jenna is an experienced traveler who not only offered us a fantastic guided experience but also shared captivating stories from her journeys. Her insightful recommendations about Vancouver's attractions and dining options greatly enriched our stay. I'm happy to recommend Jenna for her exceptional guidance.

Had a blast by Amanda

My day hanging out with Jenna in Vancouver was a blast. We hopped on our bikes, explored cool trails, checked out rose gardens, chilled near some lakes, and checked out some amazing monuments. We also snapped loads of awesome pics!

Exceptional by Clifford

Jenna was an exceptional guide in Vancouver! She had us covered when it came to the best hidden food spots with incredible atmosphere. Whether we wanted traditional or western cuisines, Jenna knew exactly where to take us. She introduced us to an establishment known for their fantastic atmosphere, service, and overall experience. Our culinary exploration in Vancouver with Jenna was truly unforgettable!

She was personable... by Benjamin

She was personable and full of great info about the area. We saw all the main spots to see, plus the neighborhoods. If you are short on time or want to start your visit to Vancouver with a good overview, she's highly recommended.

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