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Titusville, FL, USA
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I reside in the enchanting city of Titusville, a true gem. As a photography enthusiast, I would be thrilled to showcase some of the most breathtaking coastal spots to you. Prepare to be amazed as we explore and capture the beauty of our surroundings together.
My Offer
Let's explore the beauty of nature together, capturing incredible shots of local wildlife and stunning beaches. We can also discover fantastic restaurants and cozy watering holes for delightful dining experiences. Additionally, if you're searching for your next place to live, we can thoroughly explore various neighborhoods. Get ready for an exciting adventure filled with picturesque views and great discoveries!
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$30.00 Per Hour
Exceptional Photographer by Codi

Jan is truly an exceptional photographer. My husband and I consider ourselves fortunate to have discovered his services here on Citysurfing. Jan's responsiveness, punctuality, and his ability to guide us through the city were all impressive. What made our experience even more enjoyable was the comfort and ease we felt in his company, which is no doubt due to his background as a retired police officer. It was a pleasure to explore the city with Jan by our side.

This experience was a real adventure! by Mary

We explored nature, snapping pics of local wildlife and hitting up some gorgeous beaches. Food-wise, we found some hidden gems that made our taste buds do a happy dance. And if you're thinking about moving, Jan knows all the neighborhoods inside out. It was an eye-opening adventure full of amazing discoveries!

Beautiful by Amelia

Very entertaining and educational. Our host was really nice! The places we stopped were beautiful and we took some amazing photos. Thanks again!

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