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Honolulu, HI, USA
From $40.00/hr
About me
I am a free spirit, wild child, hippie girl. I like arts in all forms and enjoy exploring nature, historical places, and authentic fun spots and events. I enjoy photography, dance, fun activities like hiking and surfing and ofc good deep conversation. I enjoy talking to people and sharing cool stories. I enjoy being photographed so I often appear as a model for those who also enjoy taking photos.
My Offer

Happy to show you around my city. Experience real O’hana. Hiking, waterfalls, pineapples, coconuts, luau, palm trees, surfing, Hawaiian Jewelry, shopping, sailing, parasailing, skidoo’s, yoga, shave ice, macadamia nuts, whales, dolphins, snorkeling, turtles, private beaches, magnum p.i., hawaii 5-0, Jurassic park.

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$40.00 Per hr

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Knowledgeable and Sweet by Clifford

Anya was an excellent host. She's very knowledgeable, has a friendly personality, and is genuinely sweet. The experience was tailored to what I wanted to see and it was the best part of my trip. I will definitely book her next time I visit. Recommended!

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